The Treasury of life

Introducing The Treasury of life

My first set is a collection of twenty books which builds into a gift for children of various ages to last a lifetime and be shared through generations

I set upon the premise for the Treasury whilst following my own spiritual and mindfulness journey and self-awareness is a key factor of that.

 I decided to introduce these life skills and tools through the personalities of animals each with a unique story with subsequent message therein

In todays’ awakening world no longer are children and adults alike willing to simply accept the world’s expectations to conform and exist – self-awareness and mindfulness…

Self-belief and determination are the modern way…

Children adore the opportunity to question and it is hoped if helping your children to have fun while learning…

For them to be well informed and aware is on your wish list for them, these stories will help you to aid them become more aware and teach children you love and know in your life

So please enjoy having a look around this website and meeting the characters from the treasury and also having a sneak peak at some exerts from the books

And I hope you will wish to come join us all in the magical world of the Treasury of Life

Much love

The Storyteller Lady