The Storyteller lady
Inspiring children to be the best they can be

Hi who is Karen Ritchie … 

Well I am a not so young free and single lady with a big heart of love and huge imagination
and a heartfelt desire to help people… Adults and children alike. 

I am the third of four children, born and bred in Pembrokeshire West Wales in the UK. 

I have lived many places across the M4 corridor in my working life as a nurse and midwife, so for all my life
even as a child, caring was in my veins but now not my muscles anymore and due
to less than optimum health I have come away from my chosen profession and having
cleared the clutter and madness of the world and work I have had time to sit
and wonder and explore what else life has to offer… 

From that opportunity I found these words and with a touch or two of imagination and scene

setting, I wrote these books and series to aid those around me…With life skills and

mindfulness…hopefully bringing knowledge of the best person any child can be when equipped with some of these attributes.

I have and adore my life of freedom and spiritual awareness and I love the life premise of pay it forward and doing all things from love so in that spirit I say,
its is wonderful to connect with you all via this page and through this series of books, hope you enjoy and lots of love to all xx